This page contains frequently asked questions.

I have 2 servers and they are running on the same ip but on a different port

You can provide the port number in the set command so that you can pull the data from the server you want. So instead of [p]setcsgoip <1-10> xxx.xxx.xx.xx use [p]setcsgoip <1-10> xxx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx or [p]setcsgoip <1-10> xxx.xxx.xx.xx xxxxx

Bot says "connection timed out"

This happens very rarely. This mostly caused by your hosting service blocking the requests the bot is making or your server settings not allowing the bot to get stats. Try setting the cvar host_players_show to 2 . If that doesnt work try contacting the support of your hosting provider and make sure their firewall isn't blocking the bot.